5 reasons Why You Should Have a Website Professionally Designed

5 reasons Why You Should Have a Website Professionally Designed

5 reasons Why You Should Have a Website Professionally Designed

There are three main choices that you have when it comes to website design. You can create your own, which is not difficult if you have a little bit of programming knowledge. The only tool you would need is the notepad text editor that comes pre-installed with every version of Windows. Or, you can have a web designer create your website for you, or you can use a CMS (content management system). Here are five reasons why you should opt for a web designer over the other two options.

  • Content management system programs make websites all look the same

This is one of the biggest problems that CMS programs have caused in the industry. Around one out of every six websites has been built with the WordPress CMS program. Can you honestly say that the website has not become a more “samey” place because of it? Is it not blindingly obvious which websites have used a CMS and which have not?

The fact is that if you are trying to build a blog, then WordPress is ideal because a blog often has certain traits that are seen across the Internet. But, if you are designing a website that has a primary function as something other than a blog, then you do not want your website looking to same as everybody else’s. EBay, Facebook, Play, CNN, does not look like any other website and you would recognize them instantly because of it.

  •  It is a matter on professionalism, style and quality

If your website has been professionally created, then it has its own style, and the style is what reinforces the brand. A website with a certain style to it will be more easily recognizable. You will be able to recognize the brand and the design, whereas if you use a content management system then people have to look at your homepage or your title before they realize who you are.

With a professional designer, you are going to get a much higher quality website. A content management system cannot compensate for the fact that it is a template based system, and templates are not ideal for creating websites of the highest quality. It is the difference between asking an artist to paint your family, and having a friend color in a pictured outline of your family.

  • A professionally designed website has better functionality

This is because you can have your designer make your website do almost anything. HTML is limiting compared to other programming languages, but people even put JavaScript into their websites, so the limits are almost endless. You can have your designer make your website do whatever you want.

If you want it to allow people to see themselves via their own web cam, then you can program your website to allow that. If you want to install an all singing and all dancing AI avatar into you website, then a skilled programmer and web designer can do that for you too. With a content management system you are limited to the functions that the CMS has or allows.

  • A CMS has limited SEO potential

The reason that WordPress is so popular is because the creators have found a way to make the whole thing very SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. If you are creating a blog, then there are themes that may make your blog 90% of fully optimized (which is a lot). But, even if you use one of their most optimized templates, you are always limited by the template. With a professional designer, you are only limited by the knowledge of either you or your designer.

  • It means a professional does the work instead of you

This is a factor that some companies seem to forget, and then they end up spending thousands of dollars on consultancies in order to fix the problems that they created themselves. If you had a plumbing problem, would you call a plumber? If they suddenly created a tool that bends and connects pipes, and your competitor started using it, would you? Or, would you call a plumber and leave it to someone who has had years of experience in that area?

Your website is your online ambassador, and in recent years the Internet has become bigger than real life. Many big companies are spending more of their marketing budget on the Internet than they are on mainstream advertising. Your website is your ambassador and your image to the world. It is your online shop front, so why would you scrimp along with a CMS program?

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